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About this event:

Created by heatherdaley

Throughout the City of Syracuse

Please take a minute to read this.  Below are some links related to the #wearorange movement that is now over 220 million people strong.

It begins on June 2nd. Create your own #WearOrange image, and share it on Facebook or Twitter to show everyone why you’re committed to ending gun violence in America.

Millions are coming together to fight for an end to gun violence in America. If you believe there’s more we can do to help save American lives from gun violence, you are ORANGE.

The color orange symbolizes the value of human life. Hunters wear orange in the woods to protect themselves and others. In 2013, teens on the South Side of Chicago asked classmates to honor their murdered friend by wearing orange. That simple call to action has grown into a national movement – and orange is becoming the symbol of gun safety. Explore new ways to join the movement, and #WearOrange on June 2 for National Gun Violence Awareness Day!

Let’s make our children feel safe when they begin their Summer vacation. Instead of them worrying they may be shot, playing outside somewhere, during their 1st two weeks of Summer break.

Show your support for all those affected. Here, and in other states. Even countries.

What better way to start then our City. Syracuse. We ARE the Orange. So, Let’s show that.

Let’s show our kids something different. Or at least an effort to make a difference.